Weekend Hangout

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What I've done last weekend?In this blog I tell you in short how my weekend was

So.. last friday was just a regular friday.. working, going home, having a good meal with my family and in the evening visiting mr. Peanutz who is still only active on Wektek Soundsystem. We did not release any sound from the jamsession as we didn't jam much LOL.

Then it was Saturday.. I didn't plan to go to the Eindhoven Metal Meeting festival, because the day price was too much (70 f*ckung euro?! Come one..). So I waited and hoped for a free guest list access because I know some people in the metal scene. And guess what? .. I had free access including backstage pass

It was a good evening/night hanging out with some old friends (which now are family), having a beer with a lot of fun! Here's a short video on stage during the M.O.D. set:

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