Some new music gear?

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After a long time I finally extended my current music gear with a nice piece of hardware

The reason why I currently have less time for making music is that I did buy a new house. It's new so a lot of things needs to be arranged (painters, plasterers, interior choices, etc, etc). This means also that my "mancave" can be build from scratch, which is awesome!

Because I currently not know how my cave will look like (I still need to determine if I want to build it in my garden or in the attic) I agreed with myself not to buy too much music gear until I moved to the new house. This is a fairly difficult task because buying new gear is like an addiction. So, with this in mind I decided to buy only 1 item! Because I'm jamming almost each friday on the controller from MR. P34NUTS, a Machine Jam from native instruments, I though.. what the hell, I'm gonna buy that thing for myself! So I did..

So I placed the order including a dust cover at Because the item was not on stock it took 9 days to deliver. This didn't matter because in my current tempory house I do not have any space left for the jam. But with the new mancave in my mind it felt the right thing to do. At the time that I write this blogpost the Jam did arrive and currently I'm using it even now and then to learn myself the workflow, which is pretty easy.

So what's next for comming period? As I said, it will be a very busy period: focus on the new house, some work which needs to be done related to wektek (I wil create a separate blogpost for that) and besides that daily life also continues. Once my new house is a fact I will start creating the mancave (music studio) and I will update the process with some blogpostings and pictures.


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